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CD $15.00  add to cart 

Ragtime and Stride piano duets are just plain fun, especially when done with some of your most talented friends. That is exactly what I had the privilege to do throughout 2012 into 2013, this album being the result. All of the tracks were spontaneous and recorded live at some of the top ragtime events of the year.

• Thunder and Lightning Polka
    (Steve Reinhard)
• Snakey Blues
    (Adam Swanson)
• Honeysuckle Rose
    (Martin Spitznagel)
• Saints Go Marching In
    (Ehtan Uslan)
• A Handful of Keys
     • Mississippi Mud
    (Adam Swanson)
• Maple Leaf Rag
• Alexander's Ragtime Band
    (Russell Wilson)

• Bill Bailey
    (Frank Livolsi)
• Lulu's Back in Town
• Ain't She Sweet
    (Jeff Barnhart)
• Rubber Plant Rag
• Stars and Stripes Forever
    (Marty Mincer)
• King Chanticleer
    (Adam Swanson)
• Bei Mir Bistu Shein
• Royal Garden Blues
    (Martin Spitznagel)

CD $15.00  add to cart 

Tangos and Rags are not that different, and they co-evolved at the same time. This album covers some of that crossover, with rags that are tango-like in nature, and some authentic Ernesto Nazareth tangos as well. Includes two contemporary tangos by two of my favorite ragtime friends, and a detailed booklet on the genre and the pieces.

• Brejeiro
• Tango Land
• Odeon
• Temptation Rag Tango
• Solace
• Apanhei-te, Cavaquinho
• Pastime Rag #5
• Vitorioso

• The Brazilian
• Castle Innovation Tango
• La Cumparsita
• The Egyptian Glide
• Plangente
• Escorregando
• Iberian Glimmers
• A` Solas

CD $15.00  add to cart 

Blues from the heart, and from the piano. A collection of classic early blues and blues songs that explores many facets of this unique genre, from the deepest lowest type of blues to the more exuberant uplifting New Orleans tunes. Includes a lovely vocal by Miss Kelsey and ensemble tunes as well. "Handy" to have around.

• Lasses' Blues
• Tishomingo Blues
• Muscle Shoals Blues
• St. James Infirmary Blues
• Stompin' 'em Down
• Snowy Morning Blues
• Dallas Blues
• Mamie's Blues (No. 219)

• Tin Roof Blues
• Am I Blue
• Weary Blues
• The Alcoholic Blues
     (Some Blues)
• Gershwin Prelude #2
• Royal Garden Blues
• Canal Street Blues

CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

Just as the title implies, this is a collection of fine rags spanning a century of ragtime composition, and covering a wide variety of styles as well. Some will be familiar, and some are long pending requests from fans. All of them have had some facet of unique variations added to them.

• Tickled to Death
• Harlem Rag
• Beedle-Um-Bo
• Cole Smoak
• Porto Rico
• That Hindu Rag
• Fashion Rag
• Rotation Rag
• The Piano Tuner's Nightmare
• The Georgia Grind

• Music Box Rag
• Trilby Rag
• Texas Fox Trot
• Steeplechase Rag
• Coaxing the Piano
• Buffoon
• Goldenrod Rag
• Graceful Ghost Rag
• The Wrong Rag
• Roberto Clemente

Rapid Fire Ragtime
CD $15.00  add to cart

Some of the most familiar "barn burners" of Ragtime played in a grand style, with many special arrangements included. Definitely an exciting pianistic roller-coaster ride, including some great Charles L. Johnson tunes. Newly re-recorded in 2011 with all new and longer arrangements on a 9'3" Petrof Grand, plus two additional pieces for more fun. Hotter than ever.

• Blood on the Keys
• Sweetness
• A Black Smoke
• Ragging the Scale
• Dill Pickles Rag
• Wild Cherries
• Hungarian Rag
• The Cannon Ball
• 12th Street Rag
• The Russian Rag

• Rig-a-ma-role Rag
• Pork and Beans
• Black and White Rag
• Car-Barlick Acid
• The Charleston Rag
• The Entertainer's Rag
• Down Home Rag
• Hanon Rag
• Grizzly Bear Rag
• Tiger Rag

Don't Jazz Me - I'm Ragtime
Don't Jazz Me - I'm Ragtime!
FINALLY Coming August, 2013

The fifth and final volume of selected classic rags from Scott Joplin, James Scott, and Joseph Lamb, including some Lamb rarities, all with something extra and interesting added here and there. Enhanced media with additional information and images.

• A Breeze from Alabama
• Ragged Rapids Rag
• Don't Jazz Me - I'm Music
• Thoroughbred Rag
• Kansas City Rag
• Cleopha
• Blue Grass Rag
• Crimson Ramblers

• Dixie Dimples
• Hot Cinders
• Paramount Rag
• The Sycamore
• Prosperity Rag
• Arctic Sunset
• Victory Rag
• A Real Slow Drag

A Ragtime Sampler
2 CDs $20.00  add to cart 

For those who can't decide which CD to get - This two CD collection covers what I have found to be my most requested, or at least commented-on tracks from over two decades of recording and performing. Most tracks collected from other CDs, plus some surprises and a bit of previously unreleased material.

            DISC ONE
• The Midnight Fire Alarm
• The Great Crush Collision
• Swipesy Cakewalk
• Calico Rag
• Black and White Rag
• A Bag of Rags
• Hungarian Rag
• Canadian Capers
• The Hanon Rag
• Lion Tamer
• Charleston Rag
• Tiger Rag
• Maple Leaf Rag
• The Entertainer
• Pastime Rag #3
• Great Scott Rag
• Gladiolus Rag
• Frog Legs Rag
• The Chrysanthemum
• Ragtime Nightingale

            DISC TWO
• Alexander's Ragtime Band
• By the Light of the Silvery
• Alabamy Bound
• Bill Bailey
• Saloon
• At the Codfish Ball
• Deep Henderson
• You're a Grand Old Flag
• Kitten on the Keys
• The Memphis Blues
• Pianoflage †
• Honky Tonk Train Blues
• Snowy Morning Blues
• Ain't Misbehavin' †
• Too Much Mustard Rag
• Titina
• Sweet Georgia Brown
• Swanee
• 12th Street Rag
• The Radio's Gone Silent †

† Previously unreleased tracks.

T-Model Tunes
CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

Ragtime and the Automobile grew up together. Here is a collection of Rags, Marches and Songs celebrating the liberation, and sometimes indentured servitude of the automobile in America during the reign of the Model-T, including a few making their recording debut. Henry would be honkin' for this.

listenI'm Wild About Horns on
    Automobiles that go

• Automobile Spin
listenAuto Rag
• In My Merry Oldsmobile
listenI'd Rather Go Walking With
    the Man I Love than to Ride
    in Your Automobile

listenAutomobile Two Step
• That Auto Ought to Go
listenAuto Race
listenI'd Rather Have a Girlie
    Than an Automobile

listenCole 30 Flyer

listenGasoline Rag
• He'd Have to Get Under
    (Get Out and Get Under)
• The Speed King
listenThe Little Ford Rambled
    Right Along

• A Ford Song
listenDon't Take Advantage of
    My Good Nature

listenTake Me on a Buick

listenWe're the Sunday Drivers
• Lincoln Highway [Piano Roll]

Syncopated Safari
CD $12.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion rags tonight. And monkeys. And panthers. And more. A syncopated tribute not only to sights on safaris from around the world, but also for the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin with a piece just for him. Ragtime, Stride, Hot Jazz, New Stuff, all here.

listenRattlesnake Rag †
• The Snakey Blues
• Buffalo Rag
• The Kangaroo Hop
• Jack Rabbit Rag
• The Glow Worm
• Black Wasp Rag
• The Baboon Bounce
• The Aba-Daba Honeymoon
• Moonlight in Jungleland

• King of Them All Rag
• Vidkatten (Wild Cat)
• The Elephant Rag
listenAlligator Crawl
• Black Canary
listenThe Crocodile Stomp
• Black Panther
• Muskrat Ramble †
• Jungle Blues
listenTiger Roll Rag †

† Drums by Alex Edwards - Bass by George Motley

It's Ragging Cats and Dogs
CD $12.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

A syncopated ode to those pesky critters that invade our homes and feel entitled to sponge off us in exchange for a little purr or loving lick here and there. Includes unusual songs from the ragtime ere and a couple of newer entries. A great musical companion for your pet to howl or yowl along with.

• Kitten on the Keys
• Me-ow
• The Cat Came Back
• Black Cat Rag
• Alley Cat
• Teasing the Cat
• The Belly Rub Rag
• Pussyfoot Prance
• The Tuxedo Cat Rag
• Red Mouse Rag
• Dog on the Piano

• Der Deitcher's Dog
• That Dawggone Rag
• Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me
   a Bow-Wow
• Pink Poodle
• The Whistler and His Dog
• They Gotta Quit Kickin'
   My Dawg Aroun'
• Wig-Wag Rag
• Snuggle Pup
• Yellow Dog Blues
• My Pet

The Roaring Piano
CD $12.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

In response to numerous requests, this is my first collection of descriptive marches, cakewalks, galops, and even a tango from the catalog of E.T. Paull. Enhanced media with additional information, a biography of Paull, listings of his catalog, and selected cover images, plus an introduction by historian Wayland Bunnell.

• Ben Hur March
• New York and Coney
    Island Cycle March
• America Forever!
• Uncle Jasper's Jubilee
• The Hurricane
• A Signal From Mars
• The Burning of Rome
• The Triumphant Banner
• Silver Sleigh Bells

• The Storm King
• Ticklish Sensation
• The Roaring Volcano
• Egyptian Glide (Two-Step)
• Egyptian Glide (Tango)
• The American Wedding March
• Custer's Last Charge
• Napoleon's Last Charge
    (Piano Roll) †
• The Midnight Fire Alarm
    (Piano Roll) †

† Available on CD version only.

Whipped Cream Rag and Other Syncopated Delights
CD $12.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

A collection of ragtime era food-based pieces covering appetizers to deserts, representing a wide spectrum of ragtime composers. Remember that although I had some fun with the cover, the music is always taken seriously.

• Gee, But I Like Music
    With My Meals
• Eatin' Time
• Apple Sass Rag
• Hot Chocolate Rag
• Coffee Rag
• Fizz Water
• Lemons and Limes
• Sour Grapes †
• Bunch O' Blackberries †
• Cranberry Stomp
• Banana Peel Rag
• Red Pepper

• Fried Chicken
• Good Gravy Rag
• From Soup to Nuts †
• Chicken Chowder
• Beets and Turnips
• Tres Moutarde (Too Much
• Ketchup Rag †
• Honey Rag
• Chili-Sauce
• All the Candy
• Angel Food Rag
• Whipped Cream Rag
• Gee, I Like Music (Reprise)

† Available on CD version only.

Perfessor Bill Edwards Plays Honky Tonk Piano for People with $14.95
CD $14.95  add to cart 
Cassette $7.95  add to cart 

Since you asked - Bill goes back to his Honky Tonk days with these new recordings of old fun standards, complete with ricky-tick drums and upright bass, all recorded live on his Weber Duo-Art in the living room. Echoes of Joe "Fingers" Carr with some uniquely "Perfessor"-like twists.

• Maple Leaf Rag
• Dill Pickles Rag
• Alley Cat

• Texas Song Medley:
   Yellow Rose of Texas/
   Deep in The Heart of
   Texas/San Antonio Rose

• Down Yonder

• There'll Be A Hot Time in
   the Old Town Tonight

• Charleston Charleston

• Four Leaf Clover
• The Tempation Rag Tango
• Root Beer Rag

• Waltz Song Medley:
   In the Good Old Summertime/
   Sidewalks of New York/
   School Days

• Alabama Jubilee
• Goofus
• Bill's Boogie Woogie Blues
• Tiger Rag

The Rag's The Thing
CD $12.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

To Rag or Not To Rag. What was the question? This eclectic collection of many familiar and worthy pieces demonstrates a wide variety of styles over the past century, and is sure to become a listening favorite. Enhanced media with additional information and images.

• A Ragtime Nightmare
• Knockout Drops
• The Midnight Trot
• Possum and Taters †
• Slippery Elm
• Canadian Capers
• Operatic Rag †
• Belinda
• The Cutter
• Red Wing (Intermezzo)
• That's A Plenty

• Baltimore Todolo
• Riverside Rag
• Affinity Rag †
• Rialto Ripples
• Irish Confetti
• Rag Time Chimes †
• Castle House Rag
• The Necromancer
• Wiener Schnitzel Rag
• Dicty's on Seventh Avenue

† Available on CD version only.

A Bag of Rags
CD $12.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

"Ragtime guaranteed to make you smile!" This is a collection of piano rags that are fun, simple, complex, danceable, listenable, and filled with surprises, in a repertoire containing both familiar and rarely heard tunes. Enhanced media with additional information and images.

• A Bag of Rags
• Honeysuckle Rag †
• The Ragtime Pamela
• Rubber Plant Rag
• Black Diamond Rag
• Cum-Bac Rag
• Sweet Pickles
• Hyacinth Rag
• Golden Spider Rag
• Blue Goose Rag
• Aviation Rag

• Porcupine Rag
• Chatterbox Rag
• Peanuts-A Nutty Rag
• Rabbit's Foot
• Apple Jack-Some Rag
• Mechanic's Rag
• The Smiler
• Who Let the Cows Out
• Piffle Rag
• Pickles and Peppers

† Available on CD version only.

Patriot's Dreams
CD $12.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

Recorded in 2000, but relevant now more than ever, this collection provides both traditional and fresh approaches to familiar tunes that all Americans know, and some they should know, all in their entirety.

• Star Spangled Banner
• The Nonpareil
• We'll Stand by the Flag
• Over There
• Armed Forces Suite:

    The Caissons
    The Marine's Hymn
    The Wild Blue Yonder
    Semper Paratus
    Anchors Aweigh

• Liberty Bell March †

• Shenandoah/It Is Well With
    My Soul
• When Johnny Comes Marching
• America
• You're A Grand Old Flag
• God Bless America
• The Triumphant Banner †
• Battle Hymn of the Republic
• America The Beautiful
• The Stars and Stripes Forever

† Available on CD version only.

Rags of Grace and Beauty
CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

Some of the finest piano rags ever composed by the three most well known composers of the genre, Scott Joplin, James Scott, and Joseph Lamb, showing subtle similarities and differences. Enhanced media with additional information and images.

• Maple Leaf Rag
• Fig Leaf Rag
• Frog Legs Rag
• Grace and Beauty
• The Easy Winners
• American Beauty Rag
• Heliotrope Bouquet
• Pine Apple Rag

• New Era Rag
• Pegasus
• Paragon Rag
• Weeping Willow
• Top Liner Rag
• Solace
• Magnetic Rag

Quality Ragtime
CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

This is the second volume of classic ragtime by Scott Joplin, James Scott, and Joseph Lamb which is designed to provide a clear picture of their collective talents and varied output. Enhanced media with additional information and images.

• Elite Syncopations
• Rose Leaf Rag
• Ophelia Rag
• Quality Rag
• Sensation - A Rag
• Swipesy Cakewalk
• The Nonpareil
• Champagne Rag
• The Cascades

• Evergreen Rag
• Ragtime Oriole
• The Ragtime Dance
• Cottontail Rag
• Sunburst Rag
• Wall Street Rag
• Scott Joplin's New Rag
• Reflection Rag

Rags of Peace and Plenty
CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

This is the third volume of selected classic rags from Scott Joplin, James Scott, and Joseph Lamb, some of them heard less frequently than deserved, but in my own unique interpretations. Enhanced media with additional information and images.

• Sugar Cane Rag
• The Chrysanthemum
• Peace and Plenty Rag
• Modesty Rag
• The Favorite
• Something Doing
• Ethiopia Rag
• Reindeer

• Hilarity Rag
• Patricia Rag
• The Ragtime Betty
• The Entertainer
• Stoptime Rag
• Ragtime Bobolink
• Felicity Rag
• Silver Swan Rag

Rags For The Strenuous Life
CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

This is Bill's fourth volume of classic ragtime by Scott Joplin, James Scott, and Joseph Lamb with not only a few familiar favorites but some overlooked beauties as well. Enhanced media with additional information and images.

• Original Rags
• Leola
• The Strenuous Life
• Climax Rag
• Sunflower Slow Drag
• Contenment Rag
• Honey Moon Rag
• Palm Leaf Rag
• Excelsior Rag
• Great Scott Rag

• Rag Sentimental
• Cleopatra Rag
• Pleasant Moments -
  Ragtime Waltz
• Broadway Rag
• Peacherine Rag
• Alaskan Rag
• Searchlight Rag
• Etude in C Minor/
    Ragtime Nightingale

Classic Ragtime Set
CDs $50.00  add to cart 
Cassettes $28.00  add to cart 

Get the entire set of all four classic ragtime recordings listed above at a discount. Four hours featuring 66 classic rags by Scott Joplin, James Scott and Joseph F. Lamb.


Rhapsodies in Ragtime
CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

Beautiful classic ragtime era tunes that all have some distinct memorable quality about them that set them apart from others of the same era. Included are compositions by Scott Joplin, Joseph Lamb, and "Eubie" Blake. Enhanced media with additional information and images.

• The Chevy Chase
• Sleepy Hollow
• Temptation Rag
• Gladiolus Rag
• Bethena
• Bohemia
• Rhapsody in Ragtime

• The Lion Tamer
• Bantam Step
• Euphonic Sounds
• Panama
• Eugenia
• That Poker Rag
• Ragtime Nightingale

The Art of the Rag
CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

The complete rag compositions and arrangements by Artie Matthews, one of the finest musicians of the ragtime era. This collection also contains two of his early blues numbers, including one once considered as the first blues ever published. Enhanced media with additional information and images.

• Pastime Rag #1
• Pastime Rag #2
• Pastime Rag #3
• Pastime Rag #4
• Pastime Rag #5
• Jinx Rag
• Cactus Rag
• Junk Man Rag

• The Lily Rag
• Cataract Rag
• Agitation Rag
• Baby Seal's Blues
• Weary Blues
• Louisiana Rag
• Peaceful Henry
• Buck's Banjo

The Two Sides of Perfessor Bill
CD $12.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

20th Anniversary Edition of Bill's first recording now digitally remastered and released with extra cuts not available since 1988. An interesting look back at the "Perfessor" when he was a college student establishing his own niche in the world of ragtime, featuring both classic ragtime and saloon honky-tonk, now on CD also for the first time.

• Paragon Rag
• The Weeping Willow
• Pastime Rag #3
• The Entertainer
• London Blues
• Solace


• Yellow Dog Blues
• Goofus
• Squeeze Me
• The Darktown Strutters Ball
• Black and Blue
• Blame It on the Blues
• Bumblebee Boogie
• The Cannon Ball


• The Thunder and Lightning
    Polka †
• Romanze (3 Little Oddities) †
• Euphonic Sounds †
• Pastime Rag #4 †
• My Pet †
• St. James Infirmary Blues †

• When My Great Granddaddy
    and My Great Grandmammy
    used to Cuddle and Coo
    In a Coconut Tree †

• Sweet Substitute †
• Alligator Crawl †
• Keepin' Out of Mischief Now †

† Bonus tracks from the archives.


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