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Christmas Eve 1915
CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

A long-awaited project encouraged by many fans. Not just an echo of an old-fashioned Christmas, but actual Christmas and seasonal tunes from the ragtime era, as they might have been heard in a parlor on a Christmas Eve long ago, includes a premiere of a Charles Daniels song and a ragtime rendition of the Nutcracker Suite.

listenSilver Sleigh Bells
listenUp on the House Top
listenJingle Bells
listenMistletoe Waltzes
listenThe Sleighride

listenJolly Old St. Nicholas/
   Pachelbel Canon

listenReindeer Rag

listenI Think of Home and
   Mother When It's
   Christmas Time

listenJolly Jingles
listenChristmas Chimes

listenSanta Claus March
listenChristmas Bells
listenThe Snow is Dancing

• The Ragtime Nutcracker:

    listenCakewalk of the Sugar
       Plum Fairies

    listenThe Russian Galop (Trepak)
    listenThe Arabic Tango
    listenChinese Blues
    listenRag of the Reed Flutes
    listenThree-Step of the Flowers

listenCantique de Noel †

† Vocals by Bill and Miss Kelsey

A Ragtime Sampler
2 CDs $20.00  add to cart 

For those who can't decide which CD to get - A much updated version of an album retired many years ago, this two CD collection covers what I have found to be my most requested, or at least commented-on tracks from over two decades of recording and performing, plus some surprises and previously unreleased material.

            DISC ONE
• The Midnight Fire Alarm
• The Great Crush Collision
• Swipesy Cakewalk
• Calico Rag
• Black and White Rag
• A Bag of Rags
• Hungarian Rag
• Canadian Capers
• The Hanon Rag
• Lion Tamer
• Charleston Rag
• Tiger Rag
• Maple Leaf Rag
• The Entertainer
• Pastime Rag #3
• Great Scott Rag
• Gladiolus Rag
• Frog Legs Rag
• The Chrysanthemum
• Ragtime Nightingale

            DISC TWO
• Alexander's Ragtime Band
• By the Light of the Silvery
• Alabamy Bound
• Bill Bailey
• Saloon
• At the Codfish Ball
• Deep Henderson
• You're a Grand Old Flag
• Kitten on the Keys
• The Memphis Blues
• Pianoflage †
• Honky Tonk Train Blues
• Snowy Morning Blues
• Ain't Misbehavin' †
• Too Much Mustard Rag
• Titina
• Sweet Georgia Brown
• Swanee
• 12th Street Rag
• The Radio's Gone Silent †

† Previously unreleased tracks.

The Gospel From Within
CD $12.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

After years of requests I have gone deep within to render my unique and passionate versions of tunes of faith, covering styles from classic to stride to jazz and contemporary. Piano with bass accompaniment and one stirring vocal by my friend Rudy Fenner, all of which is meant to reach deep within you as well. Includes a history of the music.

listenGet Happy
listenGo Down Moses
listenSwingin' Low, Sweet
• River in Judea
• Every Time I Feel
   the Spirit
listenThe Old Rugged Cross
• It is Well with My Soul

listenThe Joshua Drag
• Just a Closer Walk With Thee
listenWere You There When They
   Crucified My Lord? †

• Deep River
• Do Lord/This Little Light
   of Mine
listenJust a Little While to Stay Here
listenGo Tell It on the Mountain

† Vocal by Rudy Fenner

Championship Old-Time Piano IV
CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

I'm back at it again. By popular demand, yet another collection of just-under- over-the-top arrangements of old-time pieces as (or as will be) performed at the annual World Championship of Old-Time Piano Playing in Peoria, Illinois.

listenBluin' the Black Keys
• The Nonpariel
listenTishimingo Blues
listenHungarian Dance #5
• The Eqyptian Glide
listenSwipesy Stomp
listenAlligator Crawl
• Rattlesnake Rag
listenPuttin' on the Ritz

• If You Were the Only Girl
listenEverybody Loves My Baby
• That Dawggone Rag
listenA Handful of Keys
• The Necromancer
• Pianoflage
listenMy Melancholy Baby
listenThe Charleston Charleston
listenSpace Shuffle

Championship Old-Time Piano III
CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

By popular request (thank you all), a third collection of special exhibition arrangements that I have performed (including all six from 2004) at the annual World Championship of Old-Time Piano Playing in Peoria, Illinois.

• Kitten on the Keys
• American Beauty Rag
• The Dallas Blues
• Rufnreddy
• The Teddy Bear's Picnic
• The Carolina Shout
• Titina
• Too Much Mustard Rag

• Yes Sir! That's My Baby
• King Chanticleer
• Nola
• Dardanella
• Pride of the Prairie
• Jim Jams
• If You Knew Susie
• The Old Piano Roll Blues

Championship Old-Time Piano I
CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

A full hour of special arrangements of familiar tunes as played by Bill at the annual World Championship of Old-Time Piano Playing in Illinois each Memorial Day Weekend with emphasis on dexterity and creativity. Special appearance by 1990/1993 Champion Marty Mincer.

• Midnight Fire Alarm
• Efficiency Rag
• I've Been Working on
    the Railroad
• Alabamy Bound
• Gladiolus Rag
• Charleston Rag
• 12th Street Rag

• Sweet Georgia Brown
• In My Merry Oldsmobile
• Alexander's Ragtime Band
• I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
• The Lion Tamer
• Tiger Rag
• The Stars And Stripes Forever
    (duet with Marty Mincer)

Championship Old-Time Piano II
CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

By request, more arrangements of tunes played by 1991 Champion "Perfessor" Bill Edwards at the World Championship of Old-Time Piano Playing, including many musical surprises within a number of the selections. You likely know many of the titles.

• The Burning of Rome
• New Era Rag
• The Great Crush Collision
• Toot Toot Tootsie Goo'bye
• Spanish Fandango
• Fig Leaf Rag
• Somebody Stole My Gal
• Swanee

• Mississippi Rag
• Let Me Call You Sweetheart
• Row, Row, Row
• Pork and Beans
• Sonny Boy
• California, Here I Come
• The Beer Barrel Polka
    (Skoda Lasky)

Championship Old-Time Piano Set
CDs $50.00  add to cart 
Cassettes $30.00  add to cart 

Includes all four Championship Old-Time Piano CDs featuring signature "Perfessor" Bill arrangements that have been performed over the past two decades at the World Championship of Old-Time Piano Playing and other venues.


The All American Ragtime Boys
CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

Two World Champions of Old Time Piano, "Perfessor" Bill and Marty Mincer join forces for a spectacular feast of mostly pure and mildly adulterated ragtime classics (and not one single bad joke). Newly formatted and recorded for 2002 with more duets on this release.

• Calico Rag
• Fig Leaf Rag
• Anoma
• Car-Barlick Acid
• Belinda
• Black and White Rag
• The Chevy Chase
• Knockout Drops *
• Ragapples * †
• Angel Food Rag ** †

• The Teddy Bear's Picnic **
• Maple Leaf Rag
• The Entertainer
• A Bag of Rags
• Repasz Band
• Aviation Rag
• The Midnight Fire Alarm
• Mechanics Rag
• The Lion Tamer
• The Stars and Stripes Forever

* Marty Mincer Solo      ** Bill Edwards Solo
† Available on CD version only.

Strokin' The Ivories
CD $12.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

Lots of fast paced Ragtime, Novelty, Spanish Tinge, Stomps, and Stride Piano solos with attitude. Selections include challenging compositions by Jelly Roll Morton, Zez Confrey, James P. Johnson, and Fats Waller.
Enhanced media with additional information and images.

• Kitten On The Keys
• Blame It On The Blues
• The Calico Rag
• Anoma
• Crazy Bone Rag
• Nickel In The Slot
• Red Rose Rag
• Grandpa's Spells

• The Mule Walk
• Snowy Morning Blues
• Stomp De Low Down
• Billy Goat Stomp
• A Handful Of Keys
• The Crave
• Maple Leaf Stomp
• Harlem Strut

CD $15.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

Blues from the heart, and from the piano. A collection of classic early blues and blues songs that explores many facets of this unique genre, from the deepest lowest type to the more exuberant New Orleans tunes. Includes a vocal by Miss Kelsey and ensemble tunes as well.

• Lasses' Blues
• Tishomingo Blues
• Muscle Shoals Blues
• St. James Infirmary Blues
• Stompin' 'em Down
• Snowy Morning Blues
• Dallas Blues
• Mamie's Blues (No. 219)

• Tin Roof Blues
• Am I Blue
• Weary Blues
• The Alcoholic Blues
     (Some Blues)
• Gershwin Prelude #2
• Royal Garden Blues
• Canal Street Blues

Blues You Can Use
CD $12.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

A wide variety of Blues and Blues Songs ranging from the 1910s through 1930s, featuring both piano solos and vocals, and including compositions by composers W. C. Handy and "Jelly Roll" Morton. Enhanced media with additional information, lyrics and images.

• Yellow Dog Blues
• Doctor Jazz
• Memphis Blues
• Basin Street Blues
• Sidewalk Blues
• Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me
• Beale Street Blues
• Honky Tonk Train Blues
• Deep Henderson
• London Blues
• Bobcat Boogie
• St. Louis Blues

CD $12.00  add to cart 
Cassette $8.00  add to cart 

A collection of year 1900 compliant pieces guaranteed to work in the year 2000 and beyond. A variety of rags, marches and songs from 1894 to 1904, including several from the St. Louis 1904 World's Exposition.

• Dawn of the Century
• Turkey in the Straw
• Great Crush Collision
• Ben Hur March
• Alabama Dream
• Hearts and Flowers †
• Mississippi Rag †
• Maple Leaf Rag †
• The Entertainer
• Under the Bamboo Tree

• Blaze Away
• Just Ask Me
• Hannah Won't You Open
    the Door
• St. Louis Rag
• St. Louis Tickle
• The Cascades
• Meet Me In St. Louis,
• Calliope Rag
• The Stars and Stripes Forever

† Available on CD version only.

1904 St. Louis World's Fair
CD $14.95  order button 

From Gaslight Records in St. Louis, a collection of pieces either written for or played at the St. Louis 1904 World's Exposition, in both piano and band format. Bill Edwards, Trebor Tichenor, The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra, The New Century Ragtime Orchestra and The New Columbian Brass Band. Liner notes by Trebor Tichenor.

• Meet Me In St. Louis,
    Louis †

• The Entertainer †
• Liberty Bell March
• St. Louis Rag †
• A Rag-Time Skedaddle
• On the Pike †
• Sunflower Slow Drag
• St. Louis Tickle †
• The Favorite
• St. Louis Exposition March  †

• Strolling 'Long the Pike †
• At A Georgia Campmeeting
• The Cascades  †
• The Peacherine Rag
• Harlem Rag
• Hiawatha (A Summer Idyl)
• Funny Folks †
• Stars and Stripes Forever

• Meet Me In St. Louis,
    Louis (Player Piano)

† Tracks played by "Perfessor" Bill.


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