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Established:June 1997
Author:All content written, coded, illustrated, maintained and posted by Bill Edwards
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Notable Composers Male Composers Female Composers Later Composers Performers Publishing Publishers - Guide to Male Ragtime Composers
This guide is designed to provide anything from condensed biographies of well known ragtime composers to fairly comprehensive ones with as much known data as possible on lesser known composers, some of who have never had much of anything written on them in the past. Each biography here was written from scratch by myself, Bill Edwards, based on original research, and each includes that composer's known repertoire of both published and unpublished tunes. Some of the larger biographies are not always complete, as there are many outstanding detailed books on some composers collectively and individually. They are meant to provide more insight for the ragtime novice, or perhaps a quick reference or new point of view for those well versed in the genre. In the case of songs or collaborations, other people are noted in brackets [ ] or through numbers with a key listed at the end. The dates listed are either known dates of composition, copyright or publication, except where noted. Some of these represent the only current resource available on certain composers. For further information I may suggest certain reference sources, and for an overall view of good references currently available or tucked away in your local library, please check out my Bibliography and Sources page. I am not trying to duplicate the efforts of anybody else, just enhance some of what is already available in a concise and easy to access format. Comments are always welcome. More complete reference sources for any particular point are available by request. Please inform me if you intend to quote any of these articles in part or in full, and make sure there is proper attribution out of respect for my time and financial investment in the research on these individuals.
Clifford Adams Bernard Adler Nat D. Ayer Frank P. Banta George Barnard
Harry Belding Theron C. Bennett Irving Berlin Leo E. Berliner Mike Bernard
Paul Biese Leon M. Block Blind Boone George Botsford Euday Bowman
A. Seymour Brown Al W. Brown Charles B. Brown Brun Campbell Hughie Cannon
Axel Christensen Edward B. Claypoole George L. Cobb Charles Cohen Glover Compton
Thomas R. Confare Harry L. Cook Will Marion Cook Les Copeland Cecil Duane Crabb
Budd L. Cross Ford Dabney Charles N. Daniels Homer Denney Willie Eckstein
Hans Engelmann James Reese Europe Harry Fischler Malvin M. Franklin Lucian Porter Gibson
Howard M. Githens Jack Glogau R.G. Grady Albert Gumble Mose Gumble
F.A. Guttenberger Harry P. Guy Robert Hampton Ben Harney Will Held
Fred Heltman S.R. Henry Wallie Herzer Robert G. Hoffman Ernest Hogan
Abe Holzmann Charles Humfeld Charles Hunter Fred Hylands Herbert Ingraham
Fred Irvin Tony Jackson Harry Jentes Nat Johnson Clarence M. Jones
Joe Jordan Mel B. Kaufman E. Clinton Keithley Frank C. Keithley E. Harry Kelly
Edwin F. Kendall Maurice J. Kerwin Lloyd Kidwell F. Henri Klickmann William H. Krell
Ed E. Kuhn Jean-Baptiste Lafrenière J. Bodewalt Lampe Sid Le Protti Julius Lenzberg
Gaston Lichtenstein Harry J. Lincoln Thomas Henry Lodge Frank H. Losey Herbert B. Marple
Al Marzian Frank X. McFadden W.R. McKanlass R.C. McPherson Louis H. Mentel
Kerry Mills M. Kendree Miller Harry H. Mincer Carey Morgan Melville Morris
Will B. Morrison Otto Motzan Will Nash Theodore H. Northrup Joseph C. Northup
Wm. C. O'Hare Abe Olman E.T. Paull Al Piantadosi Harold Pinder
W.C. Polla Phil Porter Paul Pratt Arthur Pryor George A. Reeg
Luckey Roberts Jay Roberts Clarence H. St. John Henry S. Sawyer Archie W. Scheu
Jean Schwartz L. Edgar Settle E. Philp Severin W.C. Simon Arthur Sizemore
Victor H. Smalley Maurice K. Smith Ted Snyder Roy Spangler Etilmon J. Stark
Fred S. Stone Wilbur Sweatman Albert C. Sweet Charles Thompson Harry C. Thompson
Harry Austin Tierney William H. Tyers Egbert Van Alstyne Albert Von Tilzer Harry Von Tilzer
Percy Wenrich James "Slap" White LeRoy "Lasses" White Clarence Wiley Gus Winkler
Clarence Woods Calvin Lee Woolsey Frank Wooster J.S. Zamecnik  
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